The Oppenheimer Project

More unity. More energy. More security. 

The Oppenheimer Project is dedicated to supporting the legacy of J. Robert Oppenheimer by representing what he cared about most, including dealing with the effects of nuclear weapons and the prospect of ending global wars.    Adapted for today’s challenges: more energy,  fewer weapons.


The Oppenheimer Project promotes and protects J Robert Oppenheimer’s legacy. Leveraging his advice and reputation to combat today’s existential threats, the Project focuses on advancing control of nuclear technology to produce more energy and less weapons.


Join us for the first Oppenheimer Project Convening in San Francisco, CA – July 2023


We are in the early stages of launching The Oppenheimer Project and invite you to get in touch or email us to learn more:

The Oppenheimer Project will take a three-pronged approach to propagate JRO’s thoughts and values and apply his advice for impactful use of nuclear technology.

The peoples of this world must unite or they will perish.

October 16th, 1945 Los Alamos, New Mexico