Dedicated to advancing rational public policies, we draw inspiration from J. Robert Oppenheimer’s legacy to amplify nuclear energy’s global role. Our nuclear energy advocacy mission is to fulfill the world’s energy needs, harmonize international cooperation, and promote a sustainable future.

The Oppenheimer Project advocates for a transformative “Manhattan Project” for clean energy, mirroring Oppenheimer’s vision. Our approach unites nations, fostering clean energy expansion while paving a route to disarmament through collaborative control.

Together with regulatory authorities, we can build public confidence, promote informed decision-making, and shape a future where nuclear energy is embraced as a safe component of the solution to meet the world’s energy needs.







“When I speak of a new spirit in international affairs, I mean that even to these deepest things which we cherish, and for which Americans have been willing to die–and certainly most of us would be willing to die–even in these deepest things, we realize that there is something more profound in that; namely, the common bond with other men everywhere.”

– JRO, Los Alamos, November 2, 1945