J. Robert Oppenheimer advocated for nuclear energy as a positive force for humanity, emphasizing the need for safe political and structural frameworks to support its development. This vision is crucial today, as achieving carbon neutrality realistically requires the inclusion of nuclear energy.

The Oppenheimer Project aims to create Oppenheimer Energy, a fund for nuclear energy project financing. The goal is to achieve a significant reduction in carbon emissions at a gigawatt scale using existing technology. The target is to raise a $1 billion fund by 2024 through an SPV/fund structure.

The fund operates with a Silicon Valley startup approach: identifying an issue, validating demand for the proposed solution, and developing the product as a starting point.

” I have a very high confidence that the fruits — the so-called peacetime applications — of atomic energy will have in them all that we think, and more.”

– JRO, Los Alamos, November 2, 1945